About US

Klano Wheelchair is dedicated to enhancing individual independence and improving quality of life through innovative electric and manual wheelchair solutions. We specialize in combining cutting-edge design with user-friendly technology to provide exceptional mobility solutions.

Our Mission:

Our mission is to provide every individual with the freedom to move comfortably and independently. In our electric wheelchairs, we merge power and ease of use, while focusing on durability and ergonomics in our manual wheelchairs, aiming to deliver the best experience to our users.

Innovation and Design:

At Klano Wheelchair, we bring a fresh perspective to the wheelchair world by combining technology with design. Our electric models utilize high-performance motors and long-lasting batteries to ensure safe and effective mobility. Our manual wheelchairs are designed with ergonomic features tailored to meet the needs of our users.

User-Centric Solutions:

Every Klano product features specialized designs aimed at making our users' daily lives more convenient. The lightweight and foldable nature of our electric wheelchairs provides users with travel freedom, while the sturdy structures and comfortable seating arrangements of our manual wheelchairs ensure an excellent daily experience.

Warranty and Support:

At Klano Wheelchair, we aim to build long-term relationships with our customers by reflecting our confidence in our products through quality and durability warranties. Additionally, our professional and helpful customer support team is committed to being there for our users at every step.

With Klano Wheelchair, the control of movement freedom is in your hands. We are here for every step and ready to take you further.