Customer Services

Warranty Statement

Our goal is to ensure that you are completely satisfied with your purchase.

According to our warranty agreement, all new products come with a limited warranty. The battery and joystick are covered for six months, while all other spare parts have a one-year warranty. M0dest agrees, during the warranty period, to repair any defects in material or workmanship or provide a refurbished product of equal value in exchange at no charge, except for the cost of shipping, handling, packing, return postage, and insurance, which will be incurred by the customer.

The limited warranty does not cover:

Labor or device failure due to owner's misuse or negligence
Non-durable components and parts subject to normal wear and tear that require periodic replacement.
All warranty claims require proof of purchase and the serial number.

Please note that your warranty does not cover the following conditions:

Functional issues that result from normal use and aging, such as surface coating and plating, or natural fading of resins
Replacement of consumable materials due to wear and tear, such as tires, fuses, plastic parts, glass parts, lubricants, etc.
Inspection, adjustment, adding oil, cleaning, or other maintenance fees charged by dealers or service centers not authorized by our company.
Maintenance costs incurred at any unauthorized service centers.
Failure to regularly check for issues as specified in the user manual.
Improper or incorrect maintenance of the product.
Unauthorized maintenance performed on the product.
Operating the product differently than what is described in our manual, or overloading the wheelchair.
Any unauthorized modifications made to the wheelchair.
External factors, such as soot, pharmaceuticals, bird droppings, acid rain, flying stones, metal powder, etc.
Natural disasters, such as typhoons, floods, fires, earthquakes, etc., that damage the product.
Please help us protect the environment by not disposing of this wheelchair or any of its components or batteries. Instead, return them to our service center or follow your local disposal regulations.